Fun for all the families

We brought our three sons, their wives and their kids and used suites 1, 2, 3 and 8. There could not have been a better place for us to enjoy a family vacation. Everything Suzette told us about the resort was true. The rooms were great. Suite 8 easily fit the 12 of us and was continuously used. The grandkids would come in and wake us up leaving their parents to sleep a little more. The hot tub and pool were perfect. We used every toy in the place, especially the kayaks and many of us got up close and personal with the dolphins who swam by every morning and sometimes could be seen feeding just beyond the pier. The dolphins were the highlight. The restaurants in the area were great. We walked around the point when we wanted wind and waves, and stayed on our beach when we wanted quiet.
Our only suggestions is to put up more hooks in the bathroom in suite 8. And it says so much about the people in the resort when the kids left a day early and we were refunded those nights after they filled with new people. That was not expected. We will be back. A significant added bonus is that the resort allows for COVID safety and it turned out that everyone was vaccinated which was even better. Thank you.

Amma Maria Island Chamber of CommerceTrip Advisor